Standby Generators

We offer installation, wiring and service of Generac Generators. 


We can help size a generator to serve your home or shop.  A Generac standby generator will provide comfort and protection when power is down.  A certified electrician from our Member Services Department will install and wire the system.  7032_11kW_Guardian_Generator_with_100TS_Hero.jpgThe generators also can run of off LP or Natural Gas.  Generac systems have the ability to sense power loss within seconds and switch on and off automatically.  Members who are out of town during an outage, won't have to worry about returning home to a fridge full of spoiled food or a broken pipe.  Installation will include a whole-house transfer switch to ensure safe operation.  We currently offer 14-24KW generators.  Call our Member Services Department at 320-269-2163 for more information!